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Building Code Board Of Appeals

Board Members

ABITHEIRA, GARY Jan. 1, 2022
BROOKS, TERESA no term expiration
FRISEN, SANDE Jan. 1, 2020
KISCHNICK, BRIAN no term expiration

Pursuant to Chapter 79-General Building Regulations of the Troy City Code, this five-person board, appointed by City Council for five year terms, consists of the City Manager, a representative of the Oakland County Health Department, and three residents of the City of Troy who shall have a background, training or experience in construction or similar trades. At least one shall be a professional structural or civil engineer of architectural engineering experience. The board to hear appeals due to decisions made by City Building and Fire Officials for refusing to grant a modification of the provisions of the building regulation enacted by City Council, including but not limited to, the Basic National Building Code, the Existing Structure Code, the Fire Prevention Code, Electrical Code, Plumbing Code, Heating Code, Fence Ordinance, Sign Ordinance, but not including the Zoning Ordinance, covering the manner of construction or materials to be used in the erection, alteration or repair of a building or structure. City Liaison: Mitch Grusnick, Building Official, 248.524.3344. Meetings: 1st Wednesday of each month, 3 pm at Troy City Hall.

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