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APAHIDEAN, OLLIE Dec. 31, 2020
CRUSSE, KAREN Dec. 31, 2020
FAISON, CARLTON Dec. 31, 2020
FOWLER, BARBARA Dec. 31, 2019
HUTSON, MICHAEL WDec. 31, 2021
KRENT, THOMAS GDec. 31, 2019
LAMBERT, DAVE Dec. 31, 2021
RAHMAN, SADEK SDec. 31, 2019
TAGLE, JOHN JDec. 31, 2021

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Planning Commission: Pursuant to Chapter 39 of the City of Troy Code of Ordinances, the Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor subject to the approval by a majority vote of the City Council elect for three-year terms. A non-voting student representative is also appointed. No members shall hold any other municipal office except that one of such member may be a member of the Board of Zoning Appeals. All members shall hold office until their successors are appointed. The Planning Commission shall have the powers and duties vested in it by the laws of the State of Michigan and the Ordinance Code of the City of Troy and shall consider and make its recommendations to the City Council on any matters referred to it by the City Council relating to such duties.

Powers and duties of the Planning Commission include the following:1. The making and adopting (if designated by City Council) of a master plan for the physical development of the municipality. 2. Recommendations related to the adoption of a Zoning Ordinance or amendments to the Zoning Ordinance. 3. The recommendation of approval to City Council of all preliminary plats subdividing land, planned unit developments, and any amendments or alterations thereof.4. The recommendation to City Council on ordinance text amendments, street and alley vacations or extensions, and historic district designations.5. Acting as the approval authority on site plans and special use approval applications.

City Liaison: Planning Director, 248.524.3364. The Planning Commission holds a Regular meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7 pm in the City Council Boardroom.

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August 9, 1998 REGULAR MEETING